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Post any stories you have here!

My first story!

Harry Potter and the Return of Voldamort
Chapter 1
Back to the Dursley's
It was a normal day in England, people walking to work and people returning to their houses. Birds flying around trying to find food to their loved ones and flying back to their nests. People are driving cars to work and back to their houses. Everything seemed peaceful. But the noise from Privet Drive number four broke the silence. It was Dudley, whining why he couldn't go to Hogwarts like Harry Potter. His parents always answer in a disgusted voice , "Why would you want to go to such a stupid school learning dumb magic tricks!" Dudley would always smile after that remark.
If you were wondering, Harry was now in Diagon Alley getting his supplies for the next year at Hogwarts. Diagon Alley hadn't changed much since last year, just that a new prank store had opened in the corner. Fred and George were they new manager's of the store. Many people came here to find new ways to annoy Snape at Hogwarts. The store was colorfully decorated with items ranging from fake wands and exploding pens to love potions. "Hello Harry! Welcome to Wizard Pranks!" said Fred and George excitingly to Harry. Harry waved his hand but hurried towards Hermione and Ron which they were looking at the Spell book of Pranks by Moody Myrtles. "Hi Harry," said Hermione hugging Harry. "Hi guys, haven't seen you in a while!" said Harry. They all nodded.
They all were having a good time but suddenly a load scream came from a little girl outside the prank store. Ron, Harry, and Hermione hurried outside to see what was going on. The little girl was Katie, a first year at Hogwarts. She was paralyzed on the floor. People started to surround her. Katie's friend was crying next to her body, Ron asked her, "What happened to your friend, Katie?" Her friend answered crying, "A man in a black cloak came up to her and said something about joining him, and then the man used some spell on her and she fell paralyzed like this!" Harry flinched.
Harry and his friends started to walk away from the panic, and towards somewhere else less dangerous. Harry knew that Voldamort was back. " We have to get out of Diagon Alley, it's not safe anymore," said Harry. Before anybody could agreed they had just noticed they were in the wrong side of Diagon Alley. "Everyone says this is where all the evil wizards go, it's called Prefling Alley!" exclaimed Hermione. As they continued to walk the street, people kept snickering at all three of them. Now they were getting scared, and they now started to run. This side of Diagon Alley was dark and not friendly. All the stores were painted in gloomy colors like black and gray. What the stores were selling was way different comparing to Wizard Pranks. Ron, Harry, and Hermione hurried inside to the first store they could see which was called Vandi's Acrcane Secret Shop, but they didn't know an unwelcome visitor was in the store.
It was Malfoy, wanting to say something to Harry. "Why are you here Potter," he said in a unreeling voice. Harry looked up to see Malfoy waiting for an answer. "It isn't any of your business Malfoy," Ron said bravely. He told Harry and Hermione that we should be gong now. As soon as they were going out the door, Malfoy stood in front of the entrance, meaning that they weren't going anywhere.
"I'm not letting you leave this place, you can only come to this side of Diagon Alley if your with a guardian, and it seems that you don't have one, and since you don't you will be expelled from Hogwarts!" Malfoy said happily.
I won't let you do this Malfoy, it's time I stand up for myself, I'll fight you if I have to get out of here!" screamed Ron.
"Well, let the wizard duel begin!" Hermione, Ron, and Harry now followed Malfoy to a dark room in the store. "This is where we will have our duel, Weasley," said Malfoy. Hermione and Harry didn't know how this was going to end up.
Ron went to the left side of the room and Malfoy went to the right side.
"Let the duel begin, Malfoy said while taking out his wand, "Locomotor Mortis" Suddenly Ron's feet were locked in one spot. He couldn't move! Ron quickly said the spell, "Wingardium Leviosa!" Suddenly Malfoy's wand was flying out of his hand.
"That's it! Stupifey!" Malfoy commanded as he got his wand back. Now Ron was unconscious. He got up to his feet, he wasn't going to lose that easily. At least he was once again able to move is feet he thought to himself.
"Relashio!" Both spells hit each other creating flashing lights and loud sounds of two spells smashing into each other. The store salesman got furious about the damage to his merchandise.
"Incendio!" screamed Ron. Hermione and Harry knew the fight was over, the fire spell is impossible to deflect. Before the spell hit Malfoy, he said the spell, "Impervoius!"
The fire just went through Malfoy and nothing happened to him. Hermione was astonished, that spell is almost impossible to learn. The last spell that was sent out was from Malfoy and that was expelliarmous. The duel was over and the winner was Malfoy. Harry and Hermione were disappointed, and they quickly hurried to Ron to see if he was alright. "I'm fine," he said in a voice that they knew he was in pain. "Well, I guess the three of you are weak," said Malfoy leaving the store.
Hermione and Harry were helping Ron get to his feet as they tried to find their way out of this evil alley. Ron was bleeding in his shoulder. They knew he was in pain but he didn't want to admit it. Much later, as they were walking they met a young little girl who looked very excited about something. She had long dirty blonde hair wrapped in a ponytail. She looked very fragile and playful, her eyes were very small. One eye was red and the other eye was blue. She wore a huge necklace on her neck that sparkled with diamonds. She wore a white dress with a little bow on her hip. She smiled and came up to Harry saying, "Are you Harry Potter! The boy who lived!" she said, too happy she forgot to say hello. "Yes I am, and who are you?" said Harry.
"I'm Victoria Vlore, I'm going into Hogwarts and I've heard your going there so I just want to say, I'm a big fan!"
"Well, thank you." Harry said confused
"I heard that you go lost here, I can help you get out!" she said happily.
"Thank you, but how..." he was cut off by the girl doing some spell that created a vortex.
"All you have to do is go in here and you will be sent right to your homes! Good luck!" she went in the vortex and disappeared.
"Do you trust her?" asked Ron. "We have no other choice, let's go." said Hermione in a unsure voice. They jumped into the hole. Soon the vortex closed and the Diagon Alley vortex was gone.
Chapter 2
The Forbidden Forrest
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Paste you stories here
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