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 Broken Life

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Your a wolf with powers everyone wolf has a different power. You are your own breed of wolf.
In a world of darkness, filled with demons, nothing is safe... Will you survive?

1. Not to much Gore
2. Wolves can mate, no bad content
3. No Instant kills
4. Only characters can fight
5. Max of 3 characters
6. Can only have 1 power
7. NO humans
8. Other animals have powers
9. Anyone can be the bad guys (unless your main character is a bad guy)
10. No ultimate animals
11. MUST explain he-she prologue


Fur Color:
Eye Color:

My Form

Name: Kovu
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Fur Color: Pure White
Eye Color: gold
Markings/Scars: none
Power: half demon
A yingyang amulet
Broken Life Kkastr10


Normal Form
Broken Life Kovu_114

Demon Form
Broken Life 1154150347_zdemonwolf

Name: Sky
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Fur Color: Multi-color, black white and brown
Eye Color: blue
Markings/Scars: none
Power: part angel
see pic

Broken Life Sky10

Angel Form
Broken Life Sky_an10

Prolugue - Kovu

As the small rays of dawn filtered into a lone cave. A pup was born.
"He's so beautiful," His mother had said.
"He has your eyes," The father replied. Giving his mate a lick to the muzzle.
"But he's just like you... In every way,"
"What are you going to name him?" The father asked.
"Kovu..." The mother finally decided.

Two Weeks later..
Kovu's mother and father were starting to get worried. Kovu had grown into a playful young pup, reflecting every bit of his father. His pure white fur, strong lean legs, and his skills were very much as of his father's. The only part that gave him the slightest difference between his father was his eyes and power. By Kovu's age, the parents had long discovered what their pups' power was, but Kovu didn't give the slightest hint. He couldn't run fast like others, he didn't have any elemental control like his mother, nor did he have wings like his father.
One day, Kovu was out on the meadow playing tag with his father. He was running about when he stumbled on a rock. Skidding a few inches, he came nose to metal with a amulet. The amulet was black and white. The ying and yang. Balence between good and evil. Kovu had slipped it on as if he had just won a medal. When a voice sounded, it wasn't much like his father's. It was lower and gruffer. He looked up. Bad idea. He came face to face with a large dark grey wolf.
"Hey kid, can I have that amulet back?" The large wolf growled.
Kovu was about to say 'no' when his father snarled, "Kovu!"
The wolf lunged one of his forepaws out and swiped Kovu on the stomach. He flew back a few feet and fell. He didn't get up.
"Dakota!" Kovu's father snarled. Dakota grinned evily and said, "Come at me!"
His father lunged and unfurled his wings. Dakota opened his mouth and a blast of molten lava flew from it. The ball of fire, hit Kovu's father's wings. He howled in pain and plumetted to the ground. BY the sound of her mate's call, Kovu's mother rushed out of den. She gasped, and sent her shadow sneak toward Dakota. BUt, he saw it coming. Grabbing Kovu's father by the neck, he jumped up to the nearest tree. And dropped him. Kovu's father dropped right on the shadow sneak and it sent a shosk wave through his father's bady. As the dark magic faded so did his father. Kovu's mother ran toward her fallen mate and found no heartbeat.
Dakota jumped down from the tree branch and faced his mother.
"Now, we can do this the easy way or hard way," He growled.
"I will never surrender to you, Dakota,"
"Bad Choice," He slashed out his claws across her face and sent her hurtling at Kovu. She found her grip but, collasped beside her son.
"Kovu...?" She whispered.
"Mom?" He replied. "It's so cold.. what's going on?"
"Nothing, sweetheart. I want you to do exactly as I say. Do you hear the river close by?"
"When I saw 'go' run toward the river as fast as you can,"
"I'll follow close behind you," But she knew the truth to her own words. She would end up like his father.
She stood up and faced Dakota. "Ready for me to kill you?" She growled.
Smiling, Dakota lunged at her neck. "GO!!" She gasped out before he sank his claws into her air tube.
Kovu stood up and dashed to the river. Dakota let go and cried out. But, Kovu was already being swept away by the current.
"My son, I'll see you again," His mother howled loudly and slipped away into nothingness.
When Kovu woke up he found himself in another life.

2 years later
Kovu woke up one day feeling not himself. He felt as if he had to share his body with another being. He stumbled out of the den and recoiled at the sunlight. He had never done that. He walked forward and padded toward the river. His face haunted him. His eyes were bedraggled and his fur had turned a darker shade. Suddenly, a yelp broke out among the camp. And all the pack members scampered out of their dens looking around frantically. Maya, Kovu's "mother" was being dragged away into the forest.
"Mom!" Kovu snarled and dashed into the undergrowth. Behind him, Nevada, the pack leader cried out for him to come back. Kovu tracked his mother's scent to a clearing where her blood was splattered around the grass. A voice sounded behind him and he turned around to face Dakota.
"Long time no see," He growled.
"Who are you?" Kovuc asked terrified.
Dakota chuckled and gripped Kovu by the scruff.
"Let me go! Help!" He yelped kicking his legs uselessly.
Dakota through him toward a tree and Kovu collasped to the ground.
"Maya isn't your real mother," Dakota said kicking the dead body of Maya.
"Yes she is!" Kovu argued struggling to his paws.
"No, I killed your parents 2 years ago. They died protection you. You stole something that I valued," Dakota sauntered forward baring his yellow fangs.
The amulet a voice erupted in him.
Who was that? Kovu thought.
Instantly, excrutiating pain radiated from his body. Kovu was sent to the ground in a series of spasms. He shut his eyes and felt some being wash over him and control him. Kovu opened his eyes and found he had barely no control of his limbs.
"Hello Kovu, I'm your demon, Dark," A voice emated from him.
"Congrats, you have just found your power. And a powerful one too,"
Kovu felt himself lunge at Dakota. He reared back and scampered away of what Kovu had become.
As Dark turned back to pad toward the camp, the pack leader growled at him.
"YOu are a danger to our pack. Leave, never come back,"
The leader lunged and missed Dark's neck by a few inches.
"Fine," Dark said and padded away.

Broken Life Dakota10

Kovu's Mother
Broken Life Kovu_m10

Kovu's Father
Broken Life Kovu_s10

Prolugue - Sky

A new wolf pup had arrived today. Maya had found him on the stream bed and the pack leader had agreed to not tell him where he came from when he was older. That day, Sky went in to see him. He was pure white with a amulet around his neck. When he opened his eyes he had asked where he was. No one had responded. Instead they offered him food and ushered him out of the den. Four years later, he was convinced that he was born into the pack. But, he had no sign of any powers until now...

Broken Life Maya10

Broken Life OQO3
Broken Life JFPE
Broken Life 8ees
Broken Life GOWz
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Broken Life
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