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 How to rp!

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PostSubject: How to rp!   How to rp! Icon_minitimeFri Jul 25, 2008 12:48 am

Rping is just like writing a story but with more people! So, it's funner. (is funner a word?) Some rps require you to be a good rper so they exspect you to have three complete sentences in your post.


Cameron's golden blond hair brushed her face as the wind swept it like a hurricane. She looked out toward the boat that was beginning to disappear over the horizen.
"Goodbye, Father!" She called waving her hand in the air smiling.
The sun sunk lower into the vast never-ending sea where darkness swallowed up the earth.

Notice on the first line first sentence it says: "hair brushed her face as the wind swept it like a hurricane." Is a simile (tell me if I'm wring) and then on the last line it says:"where darkness swallowed up the earth" that's a metaphor.

While, some rps only require you tro have one complete sentences.

Example: MidnightBlack: Raincloud ran as fast as her paws could carry her.
Pickleman707: The dog kept up with her easily.

In rps like this you can alternate but if you feel there's nothing your friend can put there you can add another post.

Example: MidnightBlack: Raincloud jumped into a tree.
MidnightBlack: She spotted a silver cat below it. Not reconizing her scent she hurled herself at it, bowling the intruder over.

Types of Rps

First person: You use I, or me. (not that common either)

Example: I washed my face with a pink washcloth. I heard below my mom yelling, "June! You're going to be late for school!"
Groaning I slung my bag over my shoulder and stomped down the stairs. "You could have given me more time!" I hissed under my breath.
I jumped into my mom's red convertable porsche and looked out the window. The car wasn't moving. I looked at my mom for an answer but she just gave me the you-know-why look. Not responding she pointed to my seatbelt which was still unfastened.
"No buts, better be safe than sorry,"

Second person: using you (least common)

Example: You climb the cliff to the top and ring the bell. You climb down. The judge rewards you with a present. You open it. You take out a silver medal. You put it around your neck.

Third person: You're the narrator but you are still in a specific persons point of view.

Example: Derek smoothed his hair with gel until it was slick. Slinging his bag over his shoulder he went to his polishe Mercedes and turned the engine on. He drove out of his house and onto the highway. (I'm bad at rping boys)

Most rules the author of the rp writes them but these are the main
1. No Swearing
2. Only characters can fight, not players.
3. Please do not ask to become a mod or else it will take you longer to become one.
4. No powerplaying
5. No being rude to people
6. If you do fight, keep the fights in the PMs.
7. No saying youo're better than someone else.

That's pretty much it! Happy rping!
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PostSubject: Re: How to rp!   How to rp! Icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 9:49 pm

tell pepole to join this site
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How to rp!
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